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Great track record. Proven success.

Joel Hassan Davis
Director of Operations
Jora Khodagholian
Cloud Engineer
Parminder Saini
Cloud Engineer
Raini Carr
Technical Writer
Robin Hill
Mobile App Engineer
Shakeel Badi
Mobile App Engineer

What have we done for you lately?

Prior to coming together as Modus, our team members have been instrumental in the successful launch of many successful products and services. We are 99.99% sure that your life has been positively impacted by one or more of them :-). Check a few of them out below:

Recent Blog Posts

Native vs Mobile Web – Part 2

Intro In part 1, we mentioned that when it comes to Native and Mobile Web development approaches, it is not simply an either/or proposition. Let’s explore that notion further. Just A Toolset Each development approach should be considered as a distinct and viable...

Will Windows Phone Survive?

The short answer is yes: its market share will hover around 20%. The long answer follows… When Android first appeared, naysayers were convinced that, due to the lead the Apple app store already held, Android did not stand a chance. Today, over 75% of mobile...

Native vs Mobile Web – Part 1

Ah, the debate rages onwards: native mobile development vs mobile web, e.g. HTML 5. But, wait! Why the debate? Posing the question is akin to asking, “for this meal, would you like to eat with a fork or spoon?” Well, that entirely depends on the meal, yes?...

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