Native vs Mobile Web – Part 1


Ah, the debate rages onwards: native mobile development vs mobile web, e.g. HTML 5.

But, wait! Why the debate? Posing the question is akin to asking, “for this meal, would you like to eat with a fork or spoon?” Well, that entirely depends on the meal, yes? Also, some meals may actually call for both a fork and a spoon. See where we are going with this?

We can equate a person who strictly advocates native over mobile web – or vice versa – to a person who always, blindly recommends that you eat with a fork, no matter the meal being served. Sure, when salad is being served, that fork will be an awesome choice. However, their recommendation will have you looking mighty foolish when the chef brings soup to your table! Sure, you can probably make due with a fork. But, would not a spoon have been the smart choice?

With that in mind, the question takes a new direction: when do we select one approach over the other? That is the subject of Native vs Mobile Web – Part 2.


Hassan Davis
Director of Operations

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